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Un primo prototipo POC di ricerca è stato costruito per un cliente interessato a valutare la fattibilità di un programma di produzione di un Personal Air Vehicle (PAV).
I tests portati a termine hanno convalidato il core design, il progetto dell’innovativa architettura aerodinamica, dimostrando la capacità del velivolo di volare ad altissime incidenze consentendo così alla trazione dell’ elica di partecipare in modo consistente alla sostentazione.
Durante i lift-offs effettuati decollando da un assetto di 35 gradi il velivolo è rimasto naturalmente stabile, completamente controllabile e manovrabile.

An early proof of concept (POC) research prototype was built for a customer interested in evaluating the feasibility of a Personal Air Vehicle (PAV) production programme.
The completed tests have validated the core design, the innovative aerodynamic architecture design, proving the aircraft’s ability to be flown at extremely high angle of attack allowing the vertical component of the propeller thrust to consistently participate in the lift of the aircraft.
During the lift-offs that were carried out taking off from an attitude of 35 degrees, the aircraft stayed naturally stable, fully controllable and maneuverable.



  • LUCY represents a new approach to flight.
  • It is an aerial vehicle, minimum in size, that you step on, strap on and fly taking off and landing almost everywhere.
  • The target is an individual, inexpensive and flexible aerial hypermobility.


  • LUCY key flight performances are: ultra short take off and landing (with run of less than 15 meters and very steep climbing and approaching paths); dragsterlike acceleration; manoeuvrability and control at flight speeds near zero.
  • These performances are reached combining a very high ratio of thrust to weight with a compact and innovative aerodinamic architecture that fits in the slipstream of the propeller of very large diameter.


  • An unprecedented ergonomics is designed to completly integrate the pilot with the aerial vehicle. The pilot , in fact, is seated inside an anthropomorphous fairing in a motorcycle like posture and wraps himself around the structure which gets perceived as a physical extension of himself: a “technological suit” worn to get yourself about in the air.
  • The sensation will be like that of manoeuvring the controls to move yourself through the air and not , as happens usually, to move the plane.
  • The motorcycle like posture combined with the shape of the canopy provide unrestricted visibility at any flight attitude.

Pietro Terzi Lucy Core 1


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